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Published: 2017 Author:Jill Olivier
Interreligious Action for Peace (CRS)
Published: 2017
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Published: 2013 Author:Abbas Aroua, with a foreword by Johan Galtung
Role of Religion and Religious Leaders in Farmer-Pastoralist Conflict in Plateau State
Published: 2016 Author:Mercy Corps and GHR Foundation
World Vision rapid context analysis in humanitarian emergencies
Published: 2016 Author:Sarah Klassen, Sarah Pickwick, Johan Eldebo
UN Inter-Agency Task Force- Engaging Religion and Faith-Based Actors in 2016
Published: 2016 Author:UNFPA, on behalf of the UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Engaging Faith-Based Actors for Sustainable Development
EIAP Guide for Program Evaluation
Published: 2016 Author:Peter Woodrow and Michelle Garred
Effective Inter-Religious Action in Peacebuilding Annual Meeting Report
Published: 2016 Author:Sarah McLaughlin and Michelle Garred
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